Revamp Your Exterior Doors: Using Interior Paint – Yes or No?

No, you should not use interior paint on an exterior door. Exterior paint is designed to withstand the elements and provide better protection.

Your front door is the main focal point of your home’s exterior, and painting it will give it an instant facelift. But the question arises, can you use interior paint on exterior doors? The simple answer is no. While it may seem like an easy solution to grab a can of paint from your indoor collection, interior paint isn’t durable enough to withstand outdoor elements such as wind, rain, and sunlight.

Exterior paints are specially formulated to provide better adhesion, resistance to fading, chalking, and cracking. It’s crucial to choose the right paint for the job to avoid spending more on repairing and repainting the door in the long run. In this article, we’ll cover the reasons why interior paint isn’t suitable for use on exterior doors and the types of paint to use for the best results.

Benefits Of Using Interior Paint On Exterior Doors

Using interior paint on exterior doors can be a cost-effective solution. Interior paints come in extensive color options that can add flair to your home’s exterior. These paints are also durable and provide protection from the elements. Additionally, they’re easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for busy homeowners.

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With careful execution, interior paints can provide an aesthetically pleasing exterior without breaking the bank. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and finishes to achieve the look you desire. Using interior paint on an exterior surface may seem unorthodox, but with the right preparation and application, it can turn out beautifully.

Types Of Paint To Use On Exterior Doors

Using interior paint on exterior doors may seem like a good idea to save money, but it’s not recommended. Exterior doors are exposed to harsh elements, which require paint to handle them. There are four types of paint that can be used on exterior doors.

Latex paint is the least durable but is eco-friendly and washable. Acrylic paint is more long-lasting and resistant to chipping. Alkyd paint is highly durable but not recommended for hot climates. Oil-based paint is the most durable but requires solvents for cleanup.

Using the right type of paint will ensure that your exterior door is protected and looks great for years to come.

Preparing Exterior Doors For Paint

Preparing an exterior door for painting involves a few essential steps. First, it’s important to clean the door with a mild soap and water mixture. After that, sanding the door down ensures that the new paint will adhere properly. Any old paint or stain should be stripped, and minor repairs made to cracks or damages.

Once the door is completely prepped, a layer of primer should be applied before painting, to ensure the new paint will last as long as possible. Remember, exterior doors are subject to more wear and tear than interior doors, so it’s important to take the time to properly prepare them for painting.

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Tips For Painting Exterior Doors With Interior Paint

Using interior paint on exterior doors is possible, but there are certain things to keep in mind to ensure a successful outcome. First and foremost, a quality paintbrush should be used to apply the paint. It is also important to prime the surface before painting and apply the paint in several thin coats.

Allowing enough drying time between coats is crucial to prevent any peeling or cracking of the paint. In addition, it’s essential to choose a high-quality exterior paint that is specifically formulated for the conditions it will be exposed to. Follow these tips to achieve a professional-looking finish without the need for specialized exterior paint.

Frequently Asked Questions On Can You Use Interior Paint On Exterior Door

Can You Use Regular Interior Paint Outside?

No, regular interior paint is not suitable for exterior surfaces because it cannot withstand harsh weather.

Is Exterior Paint Necessary For An Outside Door?

Yes, exterior paint is essential for an exterior door to protect it against the elements and ensure durability.

What Is The Difference Between Interior And Exterior Paint?

Exterior paint is formulated to resist fading, cracking, and mildew growth, whereas interior paint is designed for decoration only.


To sum it up, using interior paint on an exterior door may seem like a tempting time-saver, but it is not recommended. Exterior doors require specialized paint that can withstand extreme weather conditions, uv rays, and frequent use. Interior paint will quickly fade, peel, and crack when exposed to the elements, leaving your door looking unsightly and vulnerable to damage.

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Therefore, it is important to invest in exterior-grade paint that will last longer, protect your door from damage, and ensure that it looks great for years to come. Keep in mind that the proper preparation, application, and maintenance of your door’s paint job are also crucial for its longevity and performance.

Do not take any shortcuts when it comes to selecting the right paint for your exterior door. Choose quality over convenience and reap the benefits in the long run.

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