Do Qadam Door Thay : An Emotional Rollercoaster.

“do qadam door thay” is a pakistani television drama series that aired from january 3 to august 1, 2014. The show revolves around the lives of three sisters who suffer from financial constraints and societal pressures.

“do qadam door thay” (english: two steps away) is a widely popular pakistani television series that aired from january 3 to august 1, 2014. Starring aiza khan, sanam chaudhry, and ali abbas in lead roles, the show explores the struggles of three sisters who face financial difficulties and societal pressures.

Written by kifayat rodani and directed by mohsin mirza, the heart-warming drama series was praised for its realistic portrayal of the challenges faced by ordinary families in pakistan. “do qadam door thay” was highly appreciated by the audience for its engaging storyline, powerful performances, and heart-touching dialogues.

Understanding ‘Do Qadam Door Thay’

‘do qadam door thay’ is a pakistani drama serial that was first aired in 2014. The story revolved around the life of a young woman named saman, who falls in love with her cousin, and their journey through challenges and obstacles.

The drama received critical acclaim for its portrayal of cultural values and traditions, and its realistic depiction of love and relationships. Even after several years, ‘do qadam door thay’ is still relevant as it continues to resonate with audiences who appreciate high-quality storytelling and relatable characters.

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The success of this drama also led to its availability across different media platforms, making it accessible to a wider audience. With its powerful storyline and memorable characters, ‘do qadam door thay’ is a must-watch for anyone who wants to experience the true essence of pakistani drama.

Plot Overview

Do qadam door thay is a pakistani drama which revolves around the struggles of a middle-class family. The drama unfolds the story of two sisters, aisha and shazia, and their respective love interests. The portrayal of the characters is impressive, with sanam jung and mikaal zulfiqar playing the lead roles.

The central theme of the drama is the social status and gender roles in the society and how it affects the lives of individuals. The plot highlights the challenges and hurdles faced by the characters in their journey towards their goals.

Overall, do qadam door thay is a well-crafted drama that keeps the viewers hooked till the end.

Emotional Elements: Making It A Rollercoaster

‘do qadam door thay’ is a remarkable drama that is praised by the masses due to its emotional elements. The show is a rollercoaster of emotions, featuring various themes such as love, betrayal, and sacrifice. The emotional aspect of the drama has made it captivating, making the audience feel as if they are experiencing the scenarios themselves.

Moreover, the show tackles social issues through emotional storytelling, making it a unique approach that captivates the audience’s attention while educating them. The show’s emotional aspects are a critical factor in its success, and it has set a high standard for other dramas to follow.

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Impact On Pakistani Drama Industry

‘do qadam door thay’ has become a significant drama for the pakistani drama industry. This drama has set a new trend for the future dramas that followed. It introduced a new concept to the audience and showcased some high quality acting.

The poetic dialogues and soulful music touched the hearts of many viewers. It also paved the way for new talents such as ainy jaffri who stole the limelight with her exceptional performance. The success of this drama was not only limited to pakistan but it also gathered immense appreciation from other parts of the world such as india and bangladesh.

The influence of ‘do qadam door thay’ can still be seen in many subsequent dramas.

Frequently Asked Questions On Do Qadam Door Thay

What Is “Do Qadam Door Thay” About?

Do qadam door thay is a pakistani television drama series that tells an emotional story of love, heartbreak and redemption.

Who Are The Main Characters In “Do Qadam Door Thay”?

The main characters include zohra, haider, samra, and moiz, each with their unique storyline.

Where Can I Watch “Do Qadam Door Thay”?

You can watch “do qadam door thay” on various streaming platforms like youtube, vimeo, and dailymotion, or on pakistani television channels.


As we conclude our journey into the world of do qadam door thay, we have gained insight into a web series that is relatable to many of our lives. The storyline depicts the challenges of life, relationships, career struggles, and complex family dynamics.

It is a reflection of the realities that we face in our everyday lives. The emotional turmoil that the characters experience, the power of forgiveness and the importance of communication are vividly elucidated. Apart from the captivating storyline, the exceptional performances of the cast and the excellent direction make this series a must-watch.

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The popularity that the series has garnered is a testament to its relatability. Overall, do qadam door thay is a masterpiece, a perfect blend of all elements required in a flawless web series. Its essence will linger on for a long time, and it is worth watching again and again.

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