How to Protect Your Home While On Vacation

The most stressful part when you are on a vacation can be worrying about what’s going on at your home. Right? Are the front doors locked properly? Is the condition of the home is normal?

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about that. I’m here to save you from the stress. In this article, I have shared some tips about protecting your house while you’re on a vacation. By following these tips, you’ll be able to protect your house. So sit back, relax and read my article carefully.

12 Tips On How to Protect Your Home While On Vacation

lock everything

Tip 1: Lock everything

Be sure to lock all your doors before going on a vacation. Don’t forget to latch all the less frequently used door and windows. while you go to your office, you may lock the main doors but don’t usually lock windows. Before you go for a vacation, make sure to secure absolutely every door and window.

Tip 2: Ask Someone to Keep Eye on Your Home

This is one of the best ways to protect your home. Tell a trusted neighbor that you’ll be out of home for some days and ask them to keep eye on things.

If you don’t have a good relationship with your neighbors, you can also ask close friends and family to check up your home a couple of times a week while you’re on a vacation. Don’t ask them to do a bunch of chores, but just to make sure that everything looks normal. You can also inform your local PD that you’ll be out of home for some days.

Tip 3: Get a Home Monitoring System

Home security system is one of the most important considerations. Home security has a lot of options to choose from. Make sure to select the right one that fits your home. There are some security systems available that will allow you to view the live video remotely. you can see what’s happening in your home from your phone.

Tip 4: Alert the Alarm company

Call your alarm company when you will go for a vacation so they can be on higher alert. check all the doors and windows alarm to make sure that they are working when you leave your home. Also, don’t forget to inform the company if you have return home early.

Tip 5: Unplug All Appliances

Make sure to unplug all unnecessary appliances to avoid power surges or electrical fires. Unplug your lamps, Coffee makers, TVs and other unnecessary non-timed appliances. Don’t forget to check the smoke alarms to make sure that it is in good working order.

Tip 6: Hold Your Mail and Newspaper

A stuffed newspaper or huge pile of mail on the front step are clear indications that you’re not home. If you’re going out of home for a very long time, then go to the post office to place a hold on your mail. Also, put a hold on your newspaper too. but if you don’t have enough time or inclination, ask a neighbor to collect your newspapers and mail regularly.

Tip 7: Trust a Friend or Family Member

Give your vacation contact information to a trusted friend or family member so that they can contact you in case of an emergency. You can hold on your mail and newspaper, but you can’t predict when forgotten Amazon orders will be left at the front door of your home. By giving a key to a trusted friend or family member, you can avoid unexpected deliveries.

Tip 7: Disconnect Your Garage Door

Nowadays, technology can be easily hacked by more experienced or motivated criminals. Your garage door openers( low quality) can also be opened by universal remotes. So, be very careful! Disconnect your garage door and opt for a manual lock.

Tip 8: Don’t leave a Hide-a-Key

Many thieves will always look for the hidden key. And a lot of time they find it out. So, you shouldn’t leave a key. Left the key to your trusted friend or family member.

Tip 9: Use light Timers and Motion Sensors

If you have smart-lights, set the lights to turn on at random times. It’s pretty much better than leaving a light on while you’re going out because it heightens the impression that someone is in the home. If you don’t have smart lights, you can install them easily because it’s not expensive. You can also tell your friend or family member to go to your home once or twice a day to flip lights on or off.

Tip 10: Keep Exterior Lights On

You know that most burglaries happen when people are at work in the middle of the day. But, it’s also important to protect your home at night. Brighten your home fully so that, if there is any doubtful activity, your neighbor can notice and report it.

Tip 10: Have Someone Take The Trash Out

If trash sits in a garage or outside for more than a few days, it will sink up the joint and can attract bad guys. Also, if your trash is visible from the curb, it will give a signal to burglars that you’re not at home. If trash day comes while you’re on travel, tell your friend or neighbor to pull your trash cans out and bring them back.

Tip 11: Hire a House Sitter

It will be better if someone actually stays in the home than creating the appearance of someone staying in the home. Especially, if you’re going to a distant place or taking a long trip or you live in a high crime area, then hiring a house sitter might be the best option.

The house sitting cost need not be high. There are some reputable companies that offer house sitting services. Some companies also offer references, reviews, and background checks. You should select a trusted person as a house sitter. If you can’t select one yourself, then take the help of companies and agencies to get a reliable house sitter.

Tip 12: Beware of Social Media

In the social media world, every vacation moment is shared on the timeline for the whole world to behold. When you post on your timeline that you’re on a vacation and upload some attractive photos and videos, that means you’re not only making jealous your friends but also calling the robbers,”come rob me” I’m not at home! right?

If your social account is filled with highly trusted people, then it’s not a big problem. But if any untrustworthy friends find out you’re away from home, then they might take the chance to rob your house.

To keep yourself and your home safe, refrain from publicly sharing any info of your vacation while you’re on vacation. Just wait until you return your home and then feel free to share whatever you want.

I’m pretty sure that now you know how to protect your home while on vacation. If you still have any questions, feel free to inform me in the comment section.

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