5 Ways To Choose The Best Mattress

You’re reading this guide because you’ve decided to buy a new mattress or you’re just curious to know what’s happening in the world of mattresses these days. Am I right?

In this guide, we’ve put together everything you need to know before you browse the web or hit the high street for buying a mattress.

So, whether you’re suffering from chronic back pain, neck pain or you’re a side sleeper, read our guide to find out which is the best option for you. My goal is to help you pick the right mattress so you don’t make a mistake while choosing.

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How To Choose The Right Mattress

how to choose a mattressStep 1: Set Your Budget

The budget varies from person to person. When it comes to the mattress industry, higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality. Some mattresses cost only 500 dollars while some cost many thousand dollars. Before going to the store, determine your budget to eliminate confusion.

Step 2: Know The Types Of Mattress

Choosing the best mattress could be a daunting task as there are a variety of mattress types. So, I’ve broken down the most common types of mattresses to help you make your selection a little easier.

Innerspring: This is the most traditional form of the mattress. They’re composed of steel coils in various configurations. They’re one of the most affordable options on the market. It is said that they can last for decades.

This type of mattress is ideal for you if you want one with great bounce, durability, cooling and strong support. Depending on size and style, they can fit well in almost any kind of home environment. Their average price hovers between $800-$1200.

Latex Foam: They’re popular for their excellent comfort and cooling. They also provide good bounce and responsiveness. High-quality latex mattresses can easily serve at least 10 years under heavy use. There’re some latex mattresses available which can last up to 20 years or longer.

This is a good option for those peoples who’re sensitive to allergens mildew, mold and other organisms. They can be configured for back, side and stomach sleepers. Their average price range between $850-$2400. There’re mainly two types of latex mattresses.

  • Natural- Though this is an expensive option, they’re more healthy and environment-friendly. Usually, you have to pay around $2000 for this type of mattress.
  • Synthetic- They’re are constructed by mixing natural tree sap and synthetic polymers. They’re less expensive and less healthy too.

Memory Foam: Memory foam mattresses were first developed in the 1970’s by NASA to keep the passengers and pilots safe during plane crashes. The memory foam mattress is very popular for its superior comfort and support. Survey says that high-quality mattresses can last for more than 10 years.

This is ideal for those peoples who want pressure relief, body shaping, contour and good support. This is the best option for side sleepers. But they can provide a good night’s sleep in any sleeping position. Their price range starts at around $155 to more than $4000

Hybrid: This is an unusual combination of both memory foam mattress and spring mattress. Well made hybrid mattress can last up to 10 years. They have a variety of firmness options like the conventional spring-based mattress. They can be used in a variety of dwellings.

This is a good option for those who want an all-around mattress with a good bounce, support, pressure relief and cooling. They offer suitable comfort for the side, back or stomach sleepers. Their average price range is around $600 to $4000 or more.

Adjustable: This type of mattress look like conventional mattresses, but they allow you to elevate your head or feet. They tend to last for a long time. The firmness of the adjustable mattress can vary depending on the model and construction. They come with a hinged air articulation system which makes them able to naturally bend.

This is an ideal bed for those with certain medical conditions like lower back pain, snoring, neck pain or acid reflux. They can be used in all sleeping positions. But they’re a good option for side and back sleepers. Their price range is around $700 to $5000.

Pillow Top: They’re usually latex, coil or memory foam beds but have a layer of soft material either stuffed or sewn into the cover to add extra comfort and cushion. The firmness of this mattress vary depending on the core they are built on. But they have additional padding on top which makes them softer.

This is good for those who want more padding and softer feel. They’re considered to be more luxurious and cost a bit more than standard models. If you want cloud-like type support and comfort, then this type of mattress will offer you the best sleeping surface.

Waterbed: These types of mattresses are designed to look much like conventional beds. They’re built-in soft-sided and hard sided styles. This type of bed generally has a life expectancy of 10-15 years. There are some models available which can last for 20 years or more.

This is good for people with allergies, arthritis and back pain. A waterbed is a good option for side sleepers.

Step 3: Determine Your Sleeping Position & Firmness

Are you a back, side or stomach sleeper. Find out your favorite sleeping position to identify your best firmness level.

Firmness For Side Sleepers: Slide sleepers endure discomfort and pain in their shoulders and hip joint. It happens because of unsuitable bedding. They rarely remain in one position. I suggest you go with a bit softer option than for a back sleeper. You can choose a medium soft mattress with a firmness level of 3 to 6 (out of 10)

Firmness For Back Sleepers: Many people who sleep on their backs often suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain. Firmness and support is the best option for back sleepers. If you choose one that is too soft, then your body will sink and cause back pain. Choose one that provides sufficient pressure relief and offers enough support. The perfect level will be 5-7( out of 10).

Firmness For Stomach Sleepers: Stomach sleeping is considered the worst sleeping style. If the mattress is too soft and doesn’t provide enough support, then it will be a reason for back pain and discomfort. I suggest you choose one with a firm level of 5 to 7. A good thing is you’ll find the most options in this range.

Step 4: Consider Your Weight

Let’s talk about how to select the perfect firmness level based on your weight.

Light Sleepers(Less than 150 pounds): You’ll want mattress of around 5-6 firmness that doesn’t sink too much. Most mattresses are rated for the average sleepers of 180lbs. If you are a side sleeper or want a softer feel than you can get one around 3-4 firmness range.

Average Sleepers (150-200 pounds): Choose one with 5-7 firmness range. This will provide good support and comfort. Go for one with 3-5 range if you want to opt for more softer beds.

Heavy Sleepers (200+ pounds): If you’re a heavier person, then it’s good to choose a firmer option to adjust for sinkage. You’ll need a thicker mattress and more support to support the weight. You may consider coil mattress if you’re having problems with cooling.


Step 5: Test Mattresses Before Purchasing

Test different types of mattresses in the showrooms. If a product doesn’t feel good in the shop, then probably it won’t feel good at home.

  • Test expensive models first to understand what a high-quality mattress feels like. Compare this expensive mattress to the lower mattresses until you find one that is perfect for you.
  • When testing mattresses, spend more than 10 seconds lying on it. If you become impatient while testing, then you may be disappointed after bringing it home.

Always keep in mind that, it’s your mattress, your money and your back. So, be patient while choosing a mattress and get the best mattress possible.

We understand that choosing a new mattress can be frustrating and confusing. If you’ve any questions about the mattress, then drop the question in the comment box below.

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