10 Must Have Tools For Homeowners

tools for homeowners

If you’ve just bought your new home, congratulations! Buying a new home is one of the most exciting times in life. Being the owner of home encompasses many different kinds of responsibilities.

Your house requires regular care and maintenance to keep your home in a good looking condition. You also need to build various fixtures around your house.

Your home may often require a minor repair. To keep your home in good condition, you must have to fix these minor problems. And obviously, you need some basic home tools to do the job perfectly and easily. You also don’t need to be a professional repairman to do this. If you have the correct tools, then the job is very simple for you.

Below we have listed some must-have tools for homeowners. Read our article carefully and start building your toolbox with the proper tools that we have listed.

Must-Have Tools For Home Owners

#1 Toolbox

The first thing you need is a toolbox. It’s not just a way of storing your home tools; it’s also a safety and time issue. When you have a toolbox, you can easily carry your tools in and around your house. It will help you to keep your tools at proper maintenance. You will be able to easily find the tools when you need. If you want to keep your kids from playing with these tools, then you should go for a locked toolbox.

Toolbox comes in a variety of sizes, styles, and types. Pick a toolbox that will be best for keeping your tools properly.

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#2 Hammer

This one probably the most essential tool in any toolbox. Who doesn’t own a traditional hammer? I am also an owner of a hammer that I often use to repair. Actually, it’s a tool that you will need for hanging a frame to repair a garden fence. You will often need a hammer for pounding nails, pulling nails, crowbar action, tapping things into place etc.

Buying a high-quality hammer with a curved claw for pulling nails is very important. They can range anywhere from $5 to over $200. An expensive hammer is lightweight and long. When looking for a hammer, choose one with a fiberglass handle and drop forged on the head. A hammer with fiberglass handle which has better cushion shock and drop forged on the head is stronger and it will last for a long time than a cast one.

#3 Tape Measure

A tape measure is an essential tool for homeowners. You will often need this tool for calculating material quantities, furniture sizes, and floor plans. It’s a good idea to measure more than once to get a more accurate result.

Tape measures come in a variety of sizes. For homeowners, 25 feet tape measure is the standard one. A 25-footer with a 1-inch wide tape will handle almost all your measuring needs. When choosing tape measure, make sure to get one that’s sturdy enough to not droop when extended. Also, make sure that it has clear and concise markings on it.

#4 Phillips and Flatheads Screwdrivers

High-quality screwdrivers are must-have tools for homeowners. But you won’t need combo packs of different types and sizes of screwdrivers. Flathead and Philips screwdrivers will do most of the job and they will access you to reach the areas where an electric screwdriver can’t reach. But you may eventually need more screwdrivers for various projects.

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A Philips screwdriver is probably one of the most common tools in any homeowners toolbox. A flathead screwdriver is also invaluable. When choosing screwdriver, select one that has both types of screws. Try to buy one which is slightly magnetized. This bonus feature of the screwdriver will help you from losing your screws. A multi-bit screwdriver will give you the opportunity to swap between both bits using the same handle. Always keep in mind that, one size doesn’t suit everyone’s needs.

#5 Pliers and Cutters

Pliers are another very useful tool for homeowners. A plier is needed for doing different tasks from cutting wires to getting a stubborn bolt to turn loose. It increases the ability to hold things than your fingers can. It also gives you extra gripping power.

A 5 pieces of high-quality pliers is enough for any objects you’ll need to cut, band, grip or band. The set includes needlenose, slip joint and wiring-cutting pliers. This set of pliers will cover almost all pinching and snipping. Needle-nose pliers will be ideal for you when you’re working with wire.

#6 Adjustable Wrench

A wrench is used for loosening or tightening nuts & bolts. An average homeowner doesn’t need a full 100-piece set of wrench sets. A single pair of slip-joint pliers or large adjustable wrench will do most of the job of an average homeowner.

#7 Utility Knife

A utility knife is one of the cheapest tools you can own. It will come in handy on a regular basis. It is needed when a pair of scissors fail to cut. The uses of this tool are endless. This tool is used for strip wiring, slicing through wallpaper, cardboard, carpet and many other purposes. Sometimes a utility knife is better than a kitchen knife. Because it’s easier to control than a kitchen knife.

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When purchasing a utility knife, look for one that with a retractable blade. Always retract the blade of the knife before setting the knife down. Knife blades aren’t expensive. So, change them often for better work results and safety. Because dull blades have the trend to cause injuries than sharp blades.

#8 Power Drill

Drill drivers are used for driving screws and drilling holes. A power drill will be the best choice because it can drive screws and drill holes much faster than hand tools. If you will need drill frequently, then you may buy a moderately priced corded drill. The cordless drill is also popular. You can buy a decent cordless drill 12-or 14.4-volt for $50 to $90. look for a drill that comes with two batteries or recharges quickly.

#9 Circular Saw

A corded 7 1/4-inch circular saw is essential for cutting sheet goods like plywood and lumber. But never buy cheapest saws. Because they will be underpowered for some cutting chores. You can buy a good quality 15-amp saw for a bit over $100.

#10 Flashlight

A flashlight is also a very necessary tool for homeowners. Sometimes you may need to work at the darkest areas or darkest corner of the basement, you will need a flashlight in these situations to work. It helps you to find problems under darkness.

These 10 tools are essential for any homeowner’s toolbox. From pliers and hammers to drill and saws, you can take care of most of the household chore with these tools. So, now start filling your toolbox with these 10 must have tools and enjoy your repairing work.

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